Oktopus: Black Lodge enters a new dimension

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Pairing food with beer used to mean pork scratchings and a pack of Nobbys with your pint (or for the
height of sophistication some Sahara Hot Nuts) but there’s a new found appreciation for the ability of food to showcase the complex nature of a brew. A trend that’s inspired an increasing number of breweries to get busy in the kitchen.

Which brings us to Black Lodge, a Liverpool craft brewery whose tentacles are creeping onto the city’s food scene in the form of Oktopus. After a successful pop-up kitchen in the Brewery’s Baltic Triangle pad they’ve given their ‘modern European small plates’ a permanent home on Hardman Street.

Their Twin Peaks moniker nods to extradimensional powers but can the makers of, undeniably great, beer really cut the culinary mustard? Enough to warrant a standalone restaurant (albeit it with a lovely customised yellow dresser offering their small batch brews) In short, yes. Pay a trip to Oktopus and you’ll have one of the best plates (well many plates – a love/hate piece on the prolifery of small plates coming your way soon…) of food in Liverpool.

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There’s melt in the mouth beet cured salmon and Barnsley chops that you’ll be desperate to get yours round. Chickpea panisse (look it up, its good stuff), Jersey Royals in samphire butter and a roast carrot and torched brie dish that was wildly more exciting than it sounds. The menu changes weekly and is created by former Head Chef at Maray Christopher Ineson, and like Maray, the food is simple, seasonal and packed full of flavour.

If our old tentacled friend Paul was still around foretelling futures he’d definitely be predicting great things for this place, we heart it, three times over.

Have you been to Oktopus? Have you been to any other restaurant that you feel needs a review that is worthy of praise and delight, something you want to share? Get in touch!

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