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It’s already week 2 and that means, Biscuit Week for the bakers. We’ve mourned the loss of Mel and Sue, come to terms with the treachery of Hollywood, and desperately tried to forget the vom-o-vent in the trailer. It’s time to move on. To a world of breaks between bakes, tentative presenters and Dr Oetker. Like Paul, life’s too short, we need to rise above it and focus on what GBBO is really all about – the contestants.

In a world seemingly hell bent on self-destruction, the fridge sharing, communal cake propping and sheer beautiful humanity that goes on in that pastel tent gives us a glimmer of hope. So if you were still in a huff last week, or too distracted by Noel’s shirt to get to grips with the class of 2017, here’s the cream of the crop that we hope don’t crumble under the pressure of biscuit week:


It’s people like Flo that make this show. Who doesn’t heart a scouse Nan? Paul does for sure, all Flo had to do was carry a (cake) watermelon and Paul was declaring early love for GBBO’s oldest ever contestant. Karaoke loving, ex-sausage factory working, 71 years young Flo is the perfect mix of happy go lucky warmth and cheeky charm. She’s a one in a melon character and while you get the feeling she’s there to have a good time, her first week performance suggests she’ll be there for a long time, here’s hoping…

Liam (@Liamcbakes)
GBBO Biscuit Week

‘Cake boy’ didn’t actually do that well at making all the cakes last week… but Liam’s glorious ‘pancakes’ showstopper truly smashed it. Pre-bake the Hollywood was sceptical but Liam didn’t flip out, give a toss or stack it, when the master baker was unconvinced. He’s a drama student so maybe it was all show, but this lack of fear and the air of mischief about him makes him one to watch.

Yan (@Yannybakes)

Wham bam thank you Yan – you are the slightly bonkers force that every Bake Off needs. The first pipet to feature in the tent came courtesy of biomedical scientist Yan’s ‘salmon roe’ topped banana-ramen and our guess is there’s more #science to come. She’s like a culinary Johnny Ball with added 80s football references and we’re excited (and a little afraid) to find out what she proffers in biscuit week. Bunsen baked bourbons? Molecular macaroons? Coagulated cookies? There’s only one way to find out…

Bake Off: Channel 4 8pm, tonight

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