Visit Naples, Eat Pizza. Our 5 Places To Check Out

So, you’ve found a cheap flight in the autumn break to Naples and you’re wondering, “what am I going to eat first?” You’re right, the selection is more appetising than a binge watch of Man V Food and if Johann Wolfgang von Goethe was right, “visit Naples and die” you’d better get a move on. Welcome to a city that can divide opinion like marmite, where there is drama at every corner and where an argument over food can last what seems an eternity. The Neapolitans are a passionate people where tradition and new wave music seem to be intertwined and permeable throughout the city’s vibe.

Let us stop digressing however and let’s get to it. You’re in Naples and you want pizza, bravo, you’re in the right place. This is serious business so let’s stop mucking around; here is our guide to 5 pizzerias you need to visit in Naples.

Pizzeria Starita
Via Materdei, 27/28, 80136 Napoli NA, Italy
It is one of the most nominated places for a pizza, by the pizza masters themselves. It’s small, cosy, possibly a little too cosy for the more “private” diner, but why are you even bothering, pizza is an event and Starita makes it that way. Even with only one oven, the waiting time is minimal, and they get out 750 pizzas a day. Ridiculous. Go for the, Pizza Montanara Starita which is tomato, mozzarella and provolone cheese. Live in the US? They have two locations, one in New York, the other in Atlanta!

Via dei Tribunali, 32, 80138 Napoli NA, Italy
For anyone that has read any guide to the city, two names in Pizza will creep up, this one, Sorbillo and the other, Da Michele. It’s no wonder though, for €3.50 you get a margherita, done the way it should be. Be warned though, this is in the old historic part of the city, the locals love Sorbillo and the queues show; you will have to wait and a tannoy calls your number (which you get inside). It is truly unique, the ingredients are hand selected and the pizzas are a little different to the rest.

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Pizzeria Di Concettina ai Tre Santi
Via Arena alla Sanità 7 Bis, Napoli
Just say, Pizzeria Tre Santi and you’re on your way. A third generation pizzeria with, Italy’s best pizzaiolo (2017) at the helm and he’s only 24. Ciro Oliva made his name by winning the best pizza chef prize by Gambero Rosso last year and his ideas and take on pizza are something rather extraordinary. This is Naples on a plate, you won’t find many people that speak English, but you will find one of the best pizzas in the country in one of the most “interesting” areas of Naples. Look out for the Pizza Sospeso logo which means you can pay for a pizza (€1.50) for the disadvantaged.

Pizzeria 50 Kaló
Piazza Sannazaro, 201, 80121 Napoli NA, Italy
It has been open for three years yet, it has garnered international audiences and support from heavyweights in the food world. The New York times were quick to jump on it’s modern look and feel – something which Neapolitan pizzerias mainly lack. As the NYT also pointed out, “50 Kalò translates roughly to “good dough” in Neapolitan dialect (the literal translation has to do with a lucky number and a slang term for “good”). This pizza is prepared with a chemist’s eye, our editor thinks “it’s one of the best pizza bases ever created”. Ciro Salvo, the chef has spent nearly three decades getting it right and it’s the gourmet approach to pizza that Naples is now starting to take into account.

50 Kalo naples

‘O sfizio d’a Notizia
Via Caravaggio 49/51 , 80126 Napoli
A truly Neapolitan name that, let’s be honest, just write it down. But no list about pizza and Naples can be complete without a place that does fried pizza and this, THIS is the best place for it. A fried pizza sounds like something that is served in Scotland but the Neapolitans have been doing it for a very long time and the result is wonderful. These aren’t oily or greasy, the filling is soft yet piping hot, the outside is a wonderful light crust. Your cardiologist won’t thank you for having too many but this pizzeria gets it spot on; it is fine dining on one of Naples’ oldest food traditions.

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