Gin Filled Christmas Ornaments Are A Thing

Lakes Gin

When it comes to choosing holiday decorations, we know there are two groups of people. The first are those that plan, they have Pinterest boards laden with designs of their perfect lounge and Christmas trinkets, they may have even started crafting their decorations already then, there are the rest of us. A trip to Argos/B&M/Aldi is called “planning ahead” and we only do it when it’s nearly Christmas day. #Winning

So maybe this is more for the later because, we always have a great excuse to not have anything planned and yes, alcohol is our friend to get us through the day. Welcome, to Gin filled Christmas Ornaments.

The geniuses behind one of the best gin’s in the UK, Lakes Distillery have been perfecting their craft for sometime now, and suddenly they have conjured up the Christmas decoration a lot of us can get behind, a gin bauble gift set, including The Lakes Gin, The Lakes Sloe Gin and The Lakes Damson Gin in a six pack that costs £35 for a pack of 6… you may want to place these higher up the tree and avoid any pets, children or drunken crawl for a nightcap.

But what if the juniper delight wasn’t your thing? Well, the distillery has also been crafting its whisky blend for a good period as well, and yes, you’ve guessed it, your alternative is whisky baubles. Just a few of the flavours in this selection include salted caramel vodka, gin flavored with cinnamon and raspberry, and whisky with notes of treacle and fresh fruit.

gin and whisky baubels

We’ve made a small calculation here at The Mouthful towers, two gift sets, one gin, one whisky would cost £79.98 so we reckon you can dispense with the tree and fairy lights all together, and just stock up if you really wanted to…

With the Aldi advent wine calendar set to be a storm this year, maybe Dry January would count for those that may take up the festive holidays as some sort of extreme sport. All we can say is, please, please, please, drink responsibly.

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