When Neapolitans React to Pineapple on Pizza

Pizza Ananas

When it comes to pizza, the Neapolitans are king. They invented it (no, not the Egyptians and definitely not anyone in America), the perfected it and they also deep fried the delights well before any Scottish person thought of doing the same. And no, that’s not xenophobic, there was a craze in the 90s where the Scots would fry anything…

So when you combine the passion for pizza plus the disdain by the rest of the world, partially, about pineapple as a topping, you could only imagine, until recently, how the Neapolitans would react. You guessed it, not well.

We were tipped off earlier this morning however of such a thing to happen to the culinary world, that’s right, Neapolitans were sent pizza with pineapple and the reactions are like an Anthony Joshua fight going into the 8th round, it’s not pretty.

The anger is classic Neapolitan; telling the delivery person that “Naples only has a few rules, pizza margherita or pizza marinara and tarantella dancing” to “what the fu*k is that? We’re in Naples the home of the pizza.” Yes, all reactions include hand gestures, raised voices and the physical reaction akin to dry heaving when seeing the pineapple laced pizza topping for the first time.

What is described as a practical joke by the makers of the video, it goes to show the passion that the people from Naples take in their pizza. FanPage.it are known to be the satirical voice of Italian politics and culture and have shown yet again that there are some things that will never change… like a Neapolitans passion for a slice!

Of course our editor who is from Naples and has to adhere to what can only be classed as mental torment on a weekly basis about pineapple and pizza is glad such footage has aired. “Finally, none of my English friends can realise how tolerant I have been with pineapple’s left on my front step and constant reminders every fuc*ing time I see them.”

We realise that this is sounding like an Onion piece, but no, this is real. Check the video below. We must warn you, it’s all in Neapolitan and the subtitles are in correct Italian so if you understand neither, on any other occasion it would be a problem but on this one, not so much.

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