Aldi Wins Another Award, This Time For A Dessert Wine

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Aldi, we could write soliloquies about the German store after yet again proving to be the high street dons of awards; this time it’s their dessert wine that has picked up a coveted nod from the International Wine and Spirits Competition (IWSC).

The £8.99 Sumptuously Rich Pudding Wine won the highest possible award, a gold medal, whilst the supermarket was also toasting the success of getting a Silver Outstanding medal for its £5.99 Botrytis Semillon dessert wine. The discount supermarket picked up a total of 19 awards at the contest, and has yet again left quite a number of industry figures applauding their efforts this year with some quality selections.

The latest winner has of course released the all important “what does it taste like?” information. They claim that it tastes of ‘raisins, figs, dates, toffee and caramel” which, I guess could be nice with a dessert that also contain all of the above, perhaps. This is the second year in a row that the discount superstore has managed to get gold for a dessert wine. Last years winner, was recognised for its richness and intense aromas of baked apple, pear and honey.

The other winner, Aldi’s £5.99 Berton Vineyards Botrytis Semillon beat bottles that cost twice as much, such as the £12.20 Valdivieso Eclat Botrytis Semillon, not bad for a days work. The latest wins mean that Aldi has won 189 medals for its beers, wines and spirits in 2017.

We’ve reported… a lot… on how Aldi have taken the market by storm this year. Whether it was the Yorkshire Pudding Brisket Burrito to the Wine Advent Calendar or more of the same with the wine world, it’s not hard to how Aldi, combined with Lidl manage to secure £1 for £8 spent in the UK. Yeah, that much!

With Christmas around the corner, the store has sought to make it the choice looking for their premium tipple at a less than premium price tag including a selection of their gins all under £20 and a wine selection that has more than done its fair share of award winning (see above) it’s hard to not love the German superstore for trying extra hard this time of the year to make things a little more easier on the wallet.

If you wanted to go left field with some of the selections when it comes to dessert wine pairing, the Semillon will go down nicely with a Krispy Kreme donut or as it has been suggested to us via twitter; iced ring fingers. We will leave that with you.

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