Artusi, Chefs, Fashion, Jazz. What is 1820 Magazine?

Marco Paone and Giovanni D’Apice are two very creative individuals; one is a world class photographer the other, a polyglot of food, design and the modern world, together they have created 1820 Magazine. Inspired by the journeyman approach of Pellegrino Artusi whilst they, themselves are Italians living in the Netherlands have found a way to communicate their passion to an audience that wants to discover the real Italy.

The Mouthful sat with co-founder Marco Paone who described 1820 Magazine in his editor letter as a “mission to inspire and highlight the Art of Italian Gastronomy to those that care.”

Who was Pellegrino Artusi?
He was the son of a textile merchant born into wealth. He wrote the book, “La scienza in cucina e l’arte di mangiar bene”

Pellegrino has to be considered as the father of modern Italian gastronomy. His book, ‘Science in the Kitchen and the art of eating well’ he gathered a huge amount of regional recipes, written in the local dialects, in one structured cooking book written in correct Italian.

He has like no one other contributed in the unification of Italy as one nation and purified the Italian language from many gastronomic French expressions. He is the spirit guide of all cooking books that followed. In 1970 Pietro Camporesi, an Italian philosopher and historian, reviewed Artusi’s book in such a way to have it officially taken in Italy’s literature.

Why did you choose to start with Southern Italy for your first edition?

It was in honor of my father, Pasquale Paone, Neapolitan in his heart and soul.

You show that Southern Italy has a future in the magazine, but what does that look like to you?

The future of Southern Italy and in particular that of Campania has to be found in the indestructibility and ability of its inhabitants to fight every adversity and further in the positivity of its people in every situation.

Despite all the negative happenings and the ‘gangster land image’ it has, Southern Italy has the unique ability to influence peoples’ feelings and strike their hearts with unique emotions. It hosts one of the World’s most awesome landscape and choice of products. You can consider it as a unique cornucopia of emotions and good taste.

The future of Southern Italy in other words resides in how people are willing to look at it.


There are names/faces who many won’t know of, if there was only one story you would pick to read, which would it be?

That’s a hard question because we have gone off the beaten track with this first edition and for future ones as well so they are all important stories just with different parts to choose from. We purposely created something where each story is something that you can dive into and then step out again without having to keep up with some sort of common thread – well, the area is a common thread but what I mean is, they don’t lead into one another.

We have stories about Michelin starred chefs who, if you say their names outside of Campania won’t even be known! We did a story on James Senese, a father of modern European Jazz – world known amongst musicians and Italians but not a household name elsewhere. All of our stories are written to make you experience Campania differently.

What do people get wrong about Italy, outside of Italy?

Lots of things! Like every nation, there is a darkness and light to the way Italy works. People see Tuscany or Umbria or the lakes and they think THAT is Italy… it is, and it isn’t. It’s like saying the UK is Bournemouth and The Cotswolds or that France is Provence or Cote D’Azur. It’s one side, TV has a lot to blame for showing all the glamour but never the true side; that’s what we set out to do with 1820 – show a different view of Italy that many don’t know.

The first edition of 1820 magazine is out now and available at to buy online stockists in the UK, Italy, France, Holland and the US.

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