There’s A Foot Long Chocolate Eclair Fit For Christmas

Foot Long Eclair

Rarely do the words foot long and chocolate eclair are uttered in one sentence unless it was Adam Rickman in some random North Virginia cake shop; to the Brits, this is literally, huge!

The 12 inch delicacy is made with light choux pastry, filled with Belgian chocolate mousse and sticky caramel sauce. Add to that, a chocolate fondant topping and then drizzled with even more caramel, but that’s not all. To give the illusion of grandeur, they are dusting the foot long French pastry with, gold.

Claire Reed, product development manager for chilled bakery said:

“Straight from the streets of Paris to Asda shelves, traditional French favourites can now be enjoyed by the whole family this Christmas.

“Traditionally in the UK an éclair is filled with fresh cream but in France it’s always crème patisserie or a mousse.

“We decided on a chocolate mousse filling, as who doesn’t love chocolate?”

ASDA, the supermarket owned by Walmart has decided that supersizing everything must not be left to just one French delicacy however.

Eclair and Macaron

They have taken a macaron and decided to give it a bag of steroids fit for a Mr Universe competition. It is a pink frozen gateau stuffed with a white chocolate mousse then topped with raspberries and a light sprinkling of pistachios.

The “delights” will be available from December 14th, in time for the annual festive splurge where there will be zero feelings of guilt at eating through a box of Celebrations or in the case of our editor, taking the last slice of pandoro and looking like an extra from an episode of Narcos.

After having lost market share to the likes of Aldi and Lidl in recent months, this does indicate that ASDA are looking more at product choices as well as throwing in some header grabbing selections like Aldi’s own Yorkshire Pudding Burrito which is proving to be a major hit.

There are jokes to be had about other foot long pleasures, but we know they’re all lies. In the case of this eclair however, ASDA are pricing the delight at £5 ($7) and the macaron at £8 ($10) which if you were at all interested is the same price for an Aldi Panettone or Pandoro, which will we do a feature on closer to the Christmas festivities.

I guess all you can say is, Bon Appetit!

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