Astronauts Throw A Pizza Party… in Space!

International space station

When you’re craving a pizza, the sensible thing to do is just get one, but what if you’re an astronaut stuck in space? Well, even then, no matter the craving, you can still have a slice to keep the wolves at bay.

Italian astronaut Paolo Nespoli was so hungry and craving for a slice that he “happened to mention his craving” and so the good people of the International Space Station wanted to keep the kind man happy… so they sent him and all the other astronauts the ingredients to make pizza.

astronaut pizza
In this Nov. 18, 2017 photo provided by NASA, from left, American Mark Vande Hei, Russian Sergei Ryazanskiy, Italian Paolo Nespoli, American Joe Acaba and American Randy Bresnik display the results of their made-from-scratch pizza pies at the International Space Station. The fixings flew up in November on a commercial supply ship. (NASA via AP)

Talk about good bosses and understanding the needs of a team.

Just think about the logistics of this. A spacecraft, more precisely, an automated Cygnus spacecraft gets sent to the space station loaded with the ingredients to make pizza. Pizza is of course notably known for it’s difficulty to create in non zero gravity locations so the added threat of dough sticking to the ceiling, pepperoni clogging up the instruments and of course cheese doing what cheese does, this was no mean task.

What ensues is just another great piece of marketing in how friggin awesome it would be to become a fully fledged astronaut, even if the pizza to be truly honest would make you think twice before consuming.

Nespoli said that the pizzas were “delicious” and thanked his bosses but we think this is due to Paolo not having had a slice for quite some time. There were many preparatory limitations, the crust was the pre-bagged, pre-baked kind, the “sauce” had to be thick and squeezed from a tube, and as far as cheese was concerned, this was no mozzarella or fior di latte as they use on the peninsula.

A video which captured the astronauts in their pizzaiolo suits has been published and let’s be clear, they say you shouldn’t play with your food, but this does look the time you really should!

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