Aldi To Cut Food Surplus This Christmas

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A Twitter post from Aldi has gone viral after it revealed that, between December 24th and December 27th, when the store is closed for the festivities, it will be giving it’s food surplus to help those in need.

The action which is one of the first for any major supermarket has gone down brilliantly on social media and comes at a time when some are going to struggle to feed their families.

The Trussell Trust which is the largest foodbank provider in the country, said it’s expecting its “busiest Christmas ever” after witnessing a 47% increase in need for emergency food supplies last December.

The words, “confirmed true” have never been so welcomed on social media, especially since the world turned on its axis in 2016… Aldi responded to rumours on the social channel with a simple image and notice.

The notice reads: “As Aldi stores will shut at 4pm on Christmas Eve until the 27th December, they will have a variety of good quality surplus food products that they wish to redistribute in support of less fortunate individuals and to prevent food going to waste.

“Aldi is unable to deliver products so it would be essential that your organisation is able to collect.”

The retailer is expecting levels of food available to vary, however it estimates that there should be around 20-30 crates of food expected from each store.

Some say that social media is a waste of time but if it can spread good news like this, then, let’s waste more time and while we’re at it, let’s get other supermarkets to do the same with their food surplus!

For charities to be able to take advantage of this generosity, they need to fill out the details below and contact the relevant people before December 8th.

Information for charities

To request food, contact Aldi with the following details:
:: Charity / group name
:: Main contact name
:: Main contact telephone number
:: City / town
:: Store postcodes which you’d like to collect from
:: Type of products that you wish to collect

Contact: Nicki Monaghan, Energy and Environment Team
Address: Aldi Stores Ltd, Holly Lane, Atherstone CV9 2SQ
Tel: 01827 711800
Organisations will need to apply by Friday 8th December.

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