Are We Abandoning The Gravy Train?

Gravy train

Whilst the rest of the country woke up losing their minds over 2 inches of snow this weekend, I woke up to the startling news that Brits are abandoning gravy on their roast dinners in favour of condiments such as mayonnaise and yoghurt.

I mean, I’m all for personal choice but yoghurt? Great on a curry or a kebab, but surely nobody is seriously putting this on their Yorkshire puddings! Are they?

I had to know more. Are we getting healthier? Is it millennials and their incessant need to put an avocado on everything? And what kind of pervert is putting mayonnaise on anything other than sandwiches and the occasional chip?

After digging through reams of news articles declaring this was truly the end of days, I struck upon the original research, commissioned by McCain, purveyor of frozen potato products. It seems what is stopping us from enjoying a traditional roast is is simply fear and a perceived lack of time and skills.

The survey, conducted by Onepoll in 2016, surveyed 2000 parents and showed:

75% hadn’t cooked a roast in over a month
72% said it takes too long
20% find it too stressful
29% worried about getting the meat right
28% stressed about timings
12% panicked about cooking the sides

So are we really dodging gravy in favour of yoghurt? Mark Hodge, from McCain, illuminated further, “From fish and meatballs to ketchup and sour cream, we are clearly a country that loves to experiment.”

gravy roast burnt truffle

Indeed, one in ten admit to enjoying ketchup on their roast, with others adding everything from tartar sauce to mango chutney. Yet when asked what makes up an essential Sunday Roast, the poll found that gravy came in the top 3, alongside meat and potatoes. Confused? You bet I am!

A quick straw poll amongst my friends, highly scientific I know, showed that whilst we all had met at least one person who prefers ketchup to gravy, that’s as experimental as it got.

So should we be commiserating the demise of gravy and the Traditional Sunday Roast just yet? I think not. Whilst we aren’t cooking them as often, with only 1 in 5 admitting to cooking the dish regularly, we sure are eating plenty of them just maybe not in the traditional sense, with a roast potato restaurant opening in London and fast food joints serving everything from a Yorkshire pudding wrap to a Yorkshire pudding burger. Even Prince Harry is in on the act, having proposed to fiancée Meghan Markle over a roast chicken. So unleash your inner romantic, grab your gravy boat and indulge yourself in the most traditional of British dishes. Just save the yoghurt for another day.

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