What Did We Ask Google About Food & Drink in 2017?

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There is something Orwellian about Google; the ever knowing search platform that would make the author question our modern day stupidity. Because we are so modern day, stupid though, we go-to google for all things… knowledge. Every year, Google releases its top-trending searches, including food, recipes and related searches. For the past 12 months–those terms have permeated our subconscious and well, given us some truly amazing results.

For those in the game of predicting of what is going to be “a thing” in 2017, let us be the first to say, look to the past, everything is after all, cyclical.

Google Searches

It’s a time for the classics
The trending food searches of 2017 were a nod to all things classic, with the top four dishes all including beef. Number 1 on the list was Chili Con Carne followed by Spaghetti Bolognese. Beef bourguignon gave France some recognition whilst number four on the list was the news story we all seemed to miss.

Forget the dye of the brexit vote being cast or world politics turning on its head with Trump in 2016, what we all forgot to check was “what is Putin and his team of elite cyber specialists going to ruin in 2017?” Beef Stroganoff, apparently. Ranked number 4 in the UK and number 1 in the United states for the treding recipe search of 2017, we’ll leave it to you to check where vodka ranked in drinks searches.


Daytime drinking may be a problem
2017 will forever be the year that children googled, “why mummy drinks”. Moving swiftly on, we also searched for a lot of Costa Coffee drinks in 2017 with 5 of the top 15 generic drink searches involving the Whitbread brand. Other notable searches in the drinks categories were the breakout search terms for ‘pornstar martini cocktail ingredients’ and the national love for gin & prosecco cocktails were ever present, up 500% on last year. It’s a wonder how this nation gets anything done to be honest.


We were fuc*ed by inflation
We didn’t need Google to tell us that a weekly food shop requires the bargain hunting skills of David Dickinson or Richard Branson’s wallet, but what Google has exposed is how well and truly fu*ked we were in the year from food prices when it came to some of our other search patterns.

Money and food searches were breakout topics, and they also coincided with the ITV show as hosted by Susanna Reid and Matt Tebbutt, which is better than the other shouty programme where Susanna is a passenger to the weird ways of someone called, Piers. Comfort food was also a big hit in 2017 putting to shame anyone saying the words, “clean eating” or worse, kale smoothie. Take that, Hemsley Sisters.


We wanted to diet
And it wasn’t the usual stuff either, we were wanting to get all physical in our diets as well. Searches for ‘Military diet’ was up 500% whilst ‘fasting diets’ and the ‘sugar free’ variety were up by 200%. We seemed to forget about the 5:2 variety though and introduced something called, The Cambridge Diet in to our society. Expect stiff competition in 2018 from the Oxford lot to then be settled on a rowing boat sometime late summer.


Bristol was our food capital… kind of
If searches mean popularity then, Bristol is the food capital of the UK. OK, it doesn’t mean that but Google points out that those searching the most for generic food terms were from the West Country city, followed by Manchester, Leeds and Sheffield, prepare for smugness. London, if you ask, came last in the data provided; we are prepared that every rebuke from London Centric writers to be, “we know where to get our food.” How mature.


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