Creme Egg Goes All Willy Wonka

Creme Egg, White

It’s the new year which means one thing, trying to spot how quickly one can discover a Creme Egg in the supermarket; sorry America, it’s just something we do on this tiny island with our weird and whacky traditions.

It is of course the major eye roll, after eye rolling season, to spot one on the supermarket shelves, especially when people are already counting down to an official 4 day weekend, sorry, Easter holiday.

Creme Egg have however decided to go all Willy Wonka and release a cash prize for a decidedly different Creme Egg, it is, a white chocolate version. Think of the sugar, kids. Think of the sugar.

Unlike the Roald Dahl tale of Charlie & The Chocolate factory, Cadbury’s aren’t letting you into their labyrinth to witness Oompa Loompa’s and sing catchy songs, instead they are giving you a chance to win money; a small price to pay for discovering what could otherwise be classed as chocolate laboratory mistake. Disguised as a standard Creme Egg, if disguising is the right word, white creme eggs will be mixed in with regular ones across the UK.

Cadbury’s has revealed around 371 white eggs will be spread between local newsagents and branches of Sainsbury’s Local, Tesco Express and the Co-op until April 1. Any white egg will win you at least £100, 34 eggs are worth £1,000 and one egg could win you an impressive £2,000. The top prize egg will be in a branch of Co-op somewhere in the UK.

White Creme Egg

As reported elsewhere the way to claim your cash prize require, for you to “hold on to the wrapper to claim your prize – there’ll be a phone number on a voucher under the foil that you can ring to find out how much your egg is worth.”

There will be a unique code in the wrapper so don’t do what we all do, that’s right, scrunch them up and throw them at our friends/family/neighbours in a rage.

This is probably a really bad time to tell you though, your chance of winning are around 0.000012%, if the annual 300 million are sold in the UK statistic holds up. Sorry.

We’re going to leave it to you to find out what people on Twitter are saying, that’s not our job anyway, telling you what people on Twitter are saying. How lazy…

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