Pret Is Giving You 50p Off Your Coffee With A Reusable Cup!

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Christmas is over, the trees are down, the New Years celebrations have left you feeling semi-human and your bank account… don’t look at your bank account. It is of course the time of the new year when the blues can hit hard, we all know what it is like, you’re not alone.

Coffee then, is the magical elixir of your morning and thanks to the major chain, Pret, available on every street corner in London – and high street in the UK – you can now save 50p per coffee every time you use a reusable cup.

Isn’t that nice.

The idea to bring such a discount came from the general public which makes it nicer and was originally spurred on by Pret’s CEO, Clive Schlee who tweeted in November…

Starting on the 2 January, yesterday, (we were far too busy with #veganuary and #dryjanuary to take notice) everyone who brings a reusable cup to the food and drink chain will be rewarded with a 50p discount on their hot beverage.

Pret decided to share the news on their Twitter channel with a cool little hoorah that showed other great ideas like, “encourage a recycling scheme”, “give out freebies by using a cup” and even “charging more for non-reusable cups.”

All great ideas to combat what is becoming a big problem for the coffee industry which experts estimate, creates around five billion items of waste every single year in the UK.

Whilst many of the cups appear to be paper which gives false hope that they aren’t that bad, they are not really biodegradable. This is down to the fact that they are sealed internally with a plastic lining ensuring that no liquid seeps out, but causing an issue with breaking down in landfill sites. Scientists believe they take upwards of thirty years to start to decompose.

Other chains have tried to combat the problem by changing their cup supplies and offering similar discounts but this appears to be the biggest on a highstreet meaning that your morning cup of coffee could cost you as little as 0.49p ($0.70), which is fantastic value!

Bravo, Pret, we salute thee!

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