5km Pizza Run Is Coming To The UK

Pizza Run

Running 5km is easy, really it is, but if you still need motivation how about running for pizza? Well, now, let’s thank the pizza gods, the Americans and someone with the wisdom and guile to bring such an event to the UK. Ladies & Gents, boys and girls, welcome to the first, and hopefully, annual Pizza Run.

Yes, we realise that The Hunger Games does make an annual tournament sound better.


What say you then to running for Pizza? Yes, we’ve covered it a lot here on The Mouthful, pizza, not exercise, but we do feel that anything that promotes balance should be covered in a little more detail.

The pizza gods which can be found in New York have decided over the last decade and longer in some boroughs to hold an NYC Pizza Run. The concept is relatively simple, a 5km run with checkpoints where you stop and eat pizza. It makes a lot of sense, right?

Well, some clever clog here in the UK has decided to bring the same kind of run to the UK. No longer shall you be asked to sponsor someone running a silly 10km, you too can don the jogging shorts, hair band and inappropriately sized shorts to go for your own unique challenge.

5km run

There are obviously going to be differences with the American version, instead of a checkpoint system, runners will be awarded two slices of pizza to enjoy before, during or after the run. May we advise after, if exercise isn’t your thing. If exercise is your thing, make it interesting with just before and then steam ahead for a personal best.

The event will pop up in Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Leeds, London, and Manchester, so you all have an opportunity across England and Wales, (unfortunately no Scotland… yet) to enjoy such an experience.

What does it cost to join this new “elite” run? £20… you even get a medal. Oh and for those that love a good bit of fancy dress, race organisers will be rewarding the more extravagant costumes.

Alternatively, just order a pizza, forget the training and watch Netflix…

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