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Every now and again, there are some days where commuting makes sense, especially if you’re delayed. Gordon’s Gin is offering free gin and tonics for such days and that day is today… Yes London commuters, this is not a drill!

This Friday, moreover, TODAY, Gordon’s is going to be helping the ever smiling and friendly commuters of the London infrastructure by testing out its new “YayDelay” promotion at London’s Waterloo station from 5pm to 6pm. Heaven forbid anyone outside of London is delayed…

As Food & Wine reported earlier this week, “if your train happens to be delayed or canceled, gin-loving travelers are being encouraged to tweet with the hashtag #YayDelay. From there, the gin brand states, “Our algorithm combines cumulative minutes of delay with levels of Twitter buzz to pinpoint the moments when a free G&T will be most welcome.” More specifically, commuters can go to the site YayDelay.com where they should be able to track the YayDelay meter as it “reduces the price of a G&T in real time.” ”

gordon's gin

Gordon’s gin which is known for its iconic green bottle and dry taste is allowing commuters to redeem their offer at the station’s Beer House pub until the end of the month and will be including 50 percent off coupons if the YayDelay meter reaches amber. If the meter goes all the way to green, that means you’re going to get your G&T for absolutely free to dispel the misery of a crap commute. You can enter by simply going to the YayDelay website and collecting your coupon online. If you can’t partake in the experience because, you know, you don’t live in London or catch a train from Waterloo, here are three G&T’s you can make at home this evening.

The good news with this promotion is, should it be successful we could expect to see the service being rolled out across station platforms in the UK, which is nice.

If you’re catching your Southern Rail train today, be sure to make the best of this offer and tell everyone not in London (which is a lot of people) how great it is to have a free G&T.

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