It’s National Pizza Day, Here Are Three Of Our Stories You Should Read

When it comes to pizza, we at The Mouthful are its loyal servants. So on National Pizza Day we want to highlight our 3 most read stories!

1) Has The UK Started To Understand Real Pizza?
As presented by our editor in chief – we’ve been told to bow to him – this was a piece that was entrenched in the uncomfortable relationship the UK had with creating what, until recently, has been a terrible pizza. “Something changed about the attitude to pizza in the UK around the early 2000s. For years, we seemed to be happy with accepting anything but the real thing. Where stuffed crusts were considered novel and exciting, where a thin base was as rare as unicorn shit and toppings were as phantasmagorical as the Harry Potter series and The Lord Of The Rings trilogy combined. I mean, a Ke-fucking-bab on a pizza. A pizza. In a wrap or pitta, sure, but this, this was always the step too far.”

On national pizza day lets give praise to the game changers in the UK market and praise as well to the British palette for a slice of the Real Italian Stuff… from Naples, definitely not Rome.

national pizza day

2) Visit Naples, Eat Pizza. Our 5 Places To Check Out.
The Pizza Game is strong in this city, as it should be. Naples or Napoli for the more Italophile readers is the home of the pizza. Forget those false accounts of it being America as was so easily given oxygen in the late 80s, no, Naples, the city of constant aggravation to the senses is the real home of the slice. Another piece perfect for national pizza day one could say, and it proved to be massively popular with one “fan” who wrote – “the pizzerias you’ve chosen are shit! You know nothing.”

We will leave you with one of Italy’s best pizza chefs, Ciro Oliva who, aged 24 knows the secrets of a truly amazing slice of pizza as well as being one of the most giving patrons to the city.

3) When Neapolitans React To Pineapple on Pizza
Imagine going to Texas and telling them that their Barbecue food is sub-standard. Imagine going to Yorkshire and telling them they don’t know how to make a good cup of tea. Imagine heading to France and not getting into an argument over… anything. You see, there is a natural world order and in Naples, a pineapple, on a pizza, should never, ever happen. Ever.

But what if you were to play a joke on them, how could they possibly take it? The answer is of course, not that great. As our editor said at the time, “Finally, none of my English friends can realise how tolerant I have been with pineapple’s left on my front step and constant reminders every fuc*ing time I see them.” Again, not an emotional man, our editor.

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