Chicago Town Have Launched A Mac N’ Cheese Pizza

OK, we have officially become the daily digest of pizza news in the UK and yes, you’re fed up of it, we get, we are too, kind of… But this is news about Chicago Town, the city of America which produces something that we can’t call for any love or money, pizza. They, the brand, not the city has just launched the Chicago Town Mac N’ Cheese pizza.

As part of a limited edition, and we can guess why, the pizzas are currently offer in selected stores across the UK. The ‘pizzas’ combine the classic Chicago Town Deep Dish crust with a mozzarella and cheddar-based mac ‘n’ cheese topping – which, if you can believe it – also includes bite size pasta pieces and bacon bits. Have you gagged yet?

‘Chicago Town’s new American-inspired pizza offers ultimate versatility and is the perfect meal solution whether it’s for a family dinner, quick lunch at work or tea time with the kids,’ the company says. You must have gagged by now? No? Wait for it…

‘The pizzas, which can be cooked in the microwave or in the oven, come as part of the deep dish range which features the likes of pepperoni and four cheese. They’re available from all local supermarkets, but are currently on offer for just £1 in Tesco and Morrisons, until 18 February.’ Metro UK reported.

chicago town 2
Credit: Chicago Town

Of course, there are other options like, not opting for these monstrosities in the first place.

For #NationalPizzaWeek last week, the Mouthful ran several polls on the hallowed ground of the round dish from Italy and discovered that 8% of those surveyed thought that The Chicago variety was their preferred choice. Thin & Flavourless, like the pizzas from Rome did better and that’s saying something.

We reached out to our Nicki, aka, The Mac n’ Cheese expert of The Mouthful for comment but we are yet to hear back – says it all really.

This is the second company that has decided to go down the path of bastardising a national cuisine. Morrisons last week announced that they had created the Yorkshire Pudding Pizza which, this week will see our faithful editor and Mr Parsley from Flipside Radio fame to test.

Can we now ask, dear company’s, just stop it. Please, dear god, just stop.

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