About us

We’re food lovers, gin drinkers, wine enthusiasts and snack monsters. We eat because it brings us joy, we drink not to get drunk but because we actually like a good glass of something. Now, we have a space to share it, The Mouthful.

The Mouthful was set up so that you could get great, useful guides, tips, tricks and reviews of the things we love that you will love as well. We tell stories, food stories that should make you want to laugh, think, share and get something from. That is our mission.

We’re not a blog. We’re a community of people that have specialities in lots of different areas. We’re more of a magazine that has good stories, shareable and provide insight and fun. We’re not self-indulgent, we don’t expect free meals or for you to enjoy the same old that you can find on other sites.

We have spent years crafting our skills in the food industry and in wider fields that then bring about our ideas and opinions on things. Our taste tests are done with the people that love the products, our reviews are done to provide insight, oh and our language is real. We may say, “shit” and “fu*k” a lot!

So we’re like an e-zine, a magazine, a well thought and slightly sweary compendium. The reality is, we are real. A real food lovers zone that laughs at the concept of “clean eating” (there is no such thing), aloe vera diets and anything that is just bat shit mental when it comes to food. We want people to read what food can be about, learn something and then take that into their own lives. It could be a supermarket taste test or it could be a review from someone trekking in Indonesia; it doesn’t matter where because food is food at the end of the day.

We’re based in the North West of England but we have writers around the world wanting to give their two cents, their own mouthful about products, places and how to do something.

We will have long pieces that will make you shift uncomfortably as we manage to stick in metaphors that had no place in there in the first place, and short pieces that make you go, “awwww” but what we are is an honest, real, publication.

If you want to join us on our journey, email us today on themouthfuleditor@gmail.com